Journey Review


Journey was an amazing, well, journey. I experienced sand storms, icy gale winds, and giant monsters that reminded me of Shadow of the Colossus. This isn’t a game as much as an EXPERIENCE. Only available on PSN, Sony has scored another gem of a game. If you’re lucky enough to come across another player during your playthrough, this makes the game even more enjoyable. I was fortunate enough to play the entire game with a fellow player, who led me to safety and showed me where every hidden object was ( I believe this person had already played Journey before). The soundtrack is superb, and is deserving of the Grammy nomination it received. The graphics are eye wateringly gorgeous. You can practically feel the heat of the sun upon your back and the harsh winds of the blizzard slap your face. The joy of finding a fellow adventurer is also unparalleled. The joy I felt upon meeting a stranger was better than any co-op experience I have ever had. The only downside to this masterpiece is that it is only 90 minutes long, which could bother some gamers, especially since the game has a $14.99 price tag. If you enjoy savoring the experience of a game and being emotionally moved, you will love Journey. If you like your games to have a clear story and a lengthy running time, you might want to skip this. Journey, to me, was a pleasure to play and more importantly EXPERIENCE.


– Beautiful graphics

– Fantastic drop in-out co-op

– Aurally pleasing soundtrack

-Simple, intuitive controls


– Very short ( 90 minutes)

-High price tag for an indie game ($14.99)

Rating: 9/10


Turtle Beach PX22 Gaming Headset Review

The Turtle Beach PX22 Headset is possibly the best headset I have ever had the pleasure to wear. The PX22s are super comfortable, high quality, and are compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. These are also officially used by the Major League Gaming (MLG) corporation. The sound quality is incredible, and when worn, can barely be felt. The cons about this particular headset are that it has to be connected via wire to your console/ PC, and has a slightly expensive price tag at $69.99. These are minor complaints, though. If you are looking for a quality gaming headset, look no further than the PX22s.


– Extremely comfortable

-Superb audio

– Excellent craftmanship


– Wired

-Slightly expensive

Rating: 9.5/10

Flashback HD Review

Flashback HD is a great game muddled by poor controls, terrible voice-acting, and endless fetch-questing. Flashback HD is a remake of the cult classic game of the same name, is an Xbox Live Arcade title, and is developed by Paul Cuisset and VectorCell, and published by Ubisoft. Flashback HD takes you through Conrad B. Hart’s journey to recover his memory, take down an evil corporation, and find his girlfriend. When you first start the game, shades of Shadow Complex and Uncharted are evident. The game starts off strong, but quickly loses it’s steam and appeal. After the first fifteen minutes of gameplay, you are assigned a fetch quest, which is basically the rest of the game. The controls can be unresponsive and inaccurate, and will constantly cause frustration. The voice acting is laughable, and will constantly make you wonder why Conrad has to constantly say “Awesome Sauce”. Unfortunately, the longer you play the game, the more of a chore it becomes. One positive aspect of the game are the gorgeous graphics and excellent cut-scenes. These are the main draw to play the game. Overall, Flashback HD is a missed opportunity, and is not worth the $10 asking price.

Rating: 5/10 ( Average)


– Gorgeous graphics

-Compelling story


– Terrible voice acting

-Repetitive side quests

-Poorly designed mechanics